ADD CONTENT by link, upload, etc.

Anybody can add content to the network

In addition to being your own Global Network Producer (GNP) ™ you are now the director, as well.

At the bottom of every video broadcast page you will find a submission window to add content. It says: ” Submit Content Link, Your Legal Upload Link, Tags, Drawstring or Notation (See ADD CONTENT Page for Details)”

Here are all the ways you can submit content via that window:

  • You can post a link to any video file, that you are legally authorized to publish publicly, in the following formats: mp4, m4v, mov, wmv, avi, ogg, mpg, 3gp, 3g2
  • Links should be downloadable or capture-capable
  • If you are not authorizing the links to be your media to be downloadable or capture-capable we can still work with them
  • You can send links to your media on Box, DropBox, Google Docs, your ISP, etc. but make sure you have the legal right to do so and check them every 3 days to make sure they are still live
  • High demand content may be automatically re-seeded to faster network positions if your original link becomes over-taxed
  • Try not to use files larger that 250MB
  • You can submit links to your videos hosted on other video hosting services but if those links go dead, for more than a day, then our network will drop you. Check the status of your self-hosted media weekly
  • You can buy a video file repository, on hundreds of third party hosting services (SEE THIS LINK), and host an unlimited channel of your self-produced, or legally owned media
  • You can post a legal “torrent link” of a self-assembling file
  • You can post a legal “drawstring link” of self-assembling data
  • You can post a certified P2JET ™ notation
  • Future methods, mirroring and linking techniques will be tested, verified and added to this list as quality assurance testing is completed

CURRENTLY: YOU are liable for any viruses, dirty links, scam links, spam links embedded in your submissions. If you posted something illegal on an ISP, no matter how many layers of TOR, VPN and proxy toppers are used, the cops can get back to you. Just don’t do evil things and you won’t get in trouble.

Almost every video and news item is “political” because it has an opinion. We do not remove topics, or content, because they are “political”. We ask you, though, to post a video counter-point to anything that you feel needs more perspective.

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