Take Down Request Form

Take Down Request Form

To file a take down request you must submit the following legal verification items.

  1. A PDF copy of your drivers license and a live phone number that we can call you at to confirm that you are the actual party and not a false identity.
  2. A notarized document stating why you believe you are legally the correct party to file such a notice.
  3. The legal reason, per a specific quoted state law, that the content must be removed. You must quote the state law that you believe is being violated.
  4. Your written, notarized verification that you “warrant and guarantee” that you agree to absorb any legal costs, expenses and fees if the opposing content owner demands reinstatement.

This will begin the content removal request process.

If you are asking for removal of a news story or documentary, you must provide a notarized legal letter from the U.S. Attorney General and the British Prime Ministers office in which they “co-warrant and guarantee” that you have a waiver from the rights known as The U.S. First Amendment and “The Freedom of The Press”. Please consult the ACLU for advice on the proper drafting of a Freedom of the Press waiver.

Almost every video and news item is “political” because it has an opinion. We do not remove topics, or content, because they are “political”. We ask you, though, to post a video counter-point to anything that you feel needs more perspective.

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