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Logging Reddits Censorship Of The News For The White Media Control Machine

A shill was hired by White House campaign financiers to post disinformaton on Reddit. We hunted him down and countered his lithium ion hype to try to protect Elon Musk’s scam.

Reddit has been charged with censoring all news that Obama does not like.

Let’s track the posts below to see how long it is before Reddit deletes, hides or censors them. We are going to use the data from this in a lawsuit against REDDIT for violations of the U.S. Constitution!

Ready – Set – Go-



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About Community Publishers Alliance

A volunteer community service alliance of non-profit, bi-partisan, free internet publishers and WIKI blogging members of the public, Congress and non-profit human rights organizations. We are supported by over 200M voters and hundreds of pro-bono lawyers and public law firms who will not hesitate to 100% legally terminate any party who is violating our Constitutional rights or censoring our public news, wiki and media sites. Our sites are engaged in no commercial activity and only link to generally known hyperlinks on the web. Any assertion to the contrary is a censorship action which will be actionable.


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