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Panasonic and Tesla: Two of the world’s most epically criminal companies have joined forces

Panasonic and Tesla: Two of the world’s most epically criminal companies have joined forces














By Dean Evers


LA Digital Weekly



Tesla Motors bribes The White House and Senators, evades taxes, kills its own customers with bad engineering, finances rigged elections, runs quid-pro-quo payola schemes with the Department energy, lies, fakes-up sales orders, promoted the Afghan war in order to control lithium mines in Afghanistan, uses cheap overseas labor after taking taxpayer cash, bribes the Department of Transportation to not investigate it, runs cover-ups of its massive number of safety defects and more. You would think this would make Tesla and Elon Musk the “Most Corrupt” of the Dirty Duo but, guess what? Panasonic is an evil more corrupt company.



Panasonic has killed workers with it’s deadly toxic battery manufacturing facilities. Panasonic has engaged in massive bribes to public officials. Panasonic is now working with Tesla to seek to “dump” it’s failed lithium ion batteries on the U.S.A. In addition to using Tesla to run it’s American dumping schemes, it also works with Tesla/Musk to run vast tax evasion schemes at the expense of the U.S. Treasury. So far, the White House has ordered protection for Panasonic because an FBI raid on Panasonic will expose the creepy criminal empire of Elon Musk right along with it. Musk has a quid-pro-quo alliance with the White House and FBI-files on Musk could bring down Obama. Panasonic does its corruption on a vast scale while Musk’s corruption is mostly USA-based.



Usually, the executives of a Japanese company like Panasonic will commit Hari Kari when confronted with this kind of “loss of face”. Not so with the Panasonic executives. They just thumb their noses at the disclosures and run out and buy a few more hookers. These Panasonic-ians have no shame.




FBI Probing Kickbacks By Panasonic Supplier – Corruption Currents …


Panasonic told Corruption Currents it is cooperating with the government in its ongoing investigation. “Panasonic is committed to the highest …


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Panasonic and Its Subsidiary Sanyo Agree to Plead Guilty in …


Panasonic Corp. and its subsidiary, SANYO Electric Co. … to protecting American consumers and businesses from corporate corruption.


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Panasonic – Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption-Statement


Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption-Statement. Introduction: Panasonic Europe Ltd. is committed to ensuring that each Panasonic company, branch or operation …


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Panasonic ‘investigated over bribery allegations’ – Telegraph


Troubled Japanese giant Panasonic is said to be under … said, adding that both notices referenced the 1977 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.


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Panasonic unit in U.S. bribery investigation: WSJ | Reuters


A unit of Japan’s Panasonic Corp is under investigation by U.S. authorities … But the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is enforced by the U.S. …


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Panasonic Unit Draws U.S. Bribery Probe – WSJ


The legal department for Panasonic Avionics Corp., a subsidiary based in … regarding any alleged acts of bribery of corruption by Panasonic or …


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panasonic corruption | THE NEW YORK TIM’S TOP STORIES


Posts about panasonic corruption written by Public Wiki Authors.


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Tesla And Panasonic Take Over NY Facility … – The Daily Caller


Tesla and Panasonic plan to produce solar panels in a NY facility that is being investigated on charges of corruption.


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panasonic corruption Archives – MORE NEWZ NOW!


panasonic corruption. Global Boycott of Tesla Motors Called For. “Tesla’s Price of Corruption and Lies Should Be The End Of Tesla!” 4 months ago WIKI …


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Corruption – Short film (Panasonic Lumix G5) – YouTube


Uploaded by Jordan MooreCorruption – Short film (Panasonic Lumix G5) … International Anti-Corruption Video …


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