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The United States Department of Energy defrauded hundreds of American companies and tens of thousands of domestic workers


The United States Department of Energy defrauded hundreds of American companies and tens of thousands of domestic workers







Just prior to President Obama’s election, United States Department of Energy officials made arrangements with Silicon Valley campaign financing billionaires to exclusively hand them hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars in exchange for their support. They made this deal illegally and at the expense of a huge number of American companies, employees and future jobs.



The cover-up has grown so thin, and has become so laughably obvious, that the American public has anointed the most hell-raiser candidates, for the White House in 2016. The voters overtly want an end to this kind of horrific political crony corruption. They are calling in a mandate to end this kind of public policy crime.



The kick-back scheme involved a process called “hard-wiring”. In this political crony payola scam, the Department of Energy created a carve-out of the U.S. Treasury called the “ATVM Fund”. Only the Silicon Valley billionaires best friend, one Mr. Steven Chu, had control over the distribution of that taxpayer cash. In a shockingly blatant and audacious act, Steven Chu only gave the taxpayer money to his friends and business partners. Those friends and business partners were also the very people who lobbied to put him in charge of the Department of Energy. They also turned out to be the very same people who skimmed off the top of those taxpayer dollars and took wind-fall “unjust gains” profits by “cooking the books” with tax write-offs when all of Chu’s friends sham companies went belly up.



It was a crime of historical proportions.



The very guy who was charged with arresting Mr. Chu, the U.S. Attorney General: Eric Holder, turns out to have been business partner with all of Chu’s associates.



During the course of this crime, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) defrauded hundreds of American companies and tens of thousands of domestic workers by inviting them to spin their wheels applying for those fake “ATVM Funds”. Huge numbers of non-insider technology companies spent millions of dollars and years of their time under-going artificially created hurdles and endless decision stonewalling by The Department of Energy. These outsider and indie companies lost billions of dollars because the United States Department of Energy put “hit jobs” on them.



From day one of the application process DOE’s Steven Chu, Lachlan Seward, Matt Rogers, Carol Battershel, Steve Silver, Steve Spinner, Alison Spinner and the rest of the “DOE WEASAL PACK”, as they have come to be known, knew that not a single one of the non-crony applicants had even the most remote chance of receiving the Department of Energy funding. The money had been secretly hard-wired for John Doerr, Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt, Solyndra and other crony Silicon Valley campaign financiers.



These many domestic companies were lied to, deceived, defrauded and jerked around until they could no longer survive. At the time, the national venture capitol funds were also entirely controlled by Steven Chu’s business partners. Elon Musk’s marketing head: Darryl Siry, quit Tesla, in disgust, and penned an article in the national news disclosing how the Department of Energy had rigged the market to be the gate-keeper of who got to play. Bright Automotive issued a public letter disclosing the racket, XP Vehicles sued the Department of Energy for corruption and racketeering and the U.S. Senate ethics committee issued a scathing report on the wholesale crime culture that pervaded the energy department. Steven Chu, and his mobster-like technology Cartel, sabotaged and destroyed some of the nation’s greatest innovators, simply because their products were better than his buddies products.



Voters, this is the America you have allowed to happen. This rampant criminality, at one of the largest agencies in America, is corruption at it’s deepest and darkest. In 2016, you get to chose if this is how you want your hard-earned money managed. Make the right choice this time around.





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