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How to prevent google/twitter watching me too closely?

Sorry if this is the wrong subreddit for this, but I have no idea where should I post this. If you have a suggestion, i’ll post it there.

So, I guess most of us notices how when you watch certain type of youtube videos, or google a lot about something, you’ll get advertisements on facebook related to that area. I use adblock, and privacy badger, and probably because of the latter I noticed less and less of these ads.

Now yesterday, I was reading an askreddit thread, where they talked about how some DJs just press the play button and imitate. Then someone mentioned that mainly EDM DJ-s do this. I quickly googled EDM, but before it loaded I guessed “it must be Electronic Dance Music”. As soon I saw that I was right, I closed the search. I’m barely active on twitter, mainly use it to lurk and enter promotions sometimes, I follow 112 people, and have 20 followers. At this point, I didn’t log in on twitter for days, and I didnt login yesterday or today at all. Now I wake up, I check my e-mails, and get a new follower: EDM@Youtube (@EDMYoutube1001), Electronic Dance Music Promotion Network.

How the hell does this happen? I understand how when I search for a certain thing a lot it gets advertised to me (it still bothers me, but I kinda understand), but this is way too much. I google something, and get a new follower the next day on twitter? I use a unique name on reddit I don’t use anywhere else, and I use my real name on twitter. I’m not comfortable with this at all, how can I prevent it from happening?

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